Stuff I've Worked On

Phased Game

This is a 2D Sidescroller made for ICT11. Uses the Phaser Game Engine, Foundation 5, PouchDB, Cheet.js and JQuery. The Website has some issues and there is a lot of code that is not used. The game includes a Scoring system, store, multiple weapons, enemies and levels.

You Can Play the game here.

Run Teemo Run

A second game made in ICT11, probably never to be finished. Origionally meant to be a jump to avoid obstacles game in which, you chased after a Teemo, and after so many seconds of not hitting anything, you could Ignite the Teemo and kill him. Unlikely to be finished.

You can play the game here.

Gearbots Quadcopter

Our afterschool Robotics Club built a Quadcopter it's made using a Ardupilot 2.6, and a 3DR Robotics Frame. We are using a DX8 Controller.

You can see some pictures and Video here.

Windows Wallpaper Setter

My first attempt at using C#. A small GUI Program to set the windows background. Very buggy, I made it to circumvent some broken domain policies on my school laptop that prevented the background from being set.

View the Code Here here.

A 4X4 Led Cube

A 4X4 Led Cube, Each level is common Ground. Nothing Special, uses green LEDs.

Astronomy Picture of the Day Wallpaper Setter

I made this in Grade 10 and it was the first thing I ever made with Python. It's very slow, and will break if the content is not a image. It uses Python 2.7, Beautiful Soup and the Python Imaging Library

View the Code Here here.

3D Designs

Gearbots has a 3D printer, I've designed and printed a few things including the Gearbots logo on a Keychain, a cover for a GPS/compass sensor, and a case for my LED Cube

View some models here.